Margaret Stewart, artist

I love to play, experiment, and try new paint media. I love abstraction. In my abstract work, I often play with one or two colors, black, white and any number of mark making tools and see what emerges. Sometimes I have a bit of an idea in mind, but still start with the mark making dance before adding color, or developing the subject. Lately, I've found a lot of birds in my acrylic work.

I also have been experimenting with oils, cold wax, and casein paint, and trying to work more representationally, if only to prove that I am drawn to abstraction because it's fun and enlightening, and not because it's the easy way out. I have found my style and approach tends to vary according to the medium, although I'm always looking for the abstract in what I see around me--Contrast, blocks of color, line, rhythm, pattern, and value.