About the Artist

I have always needed a little bit of art-making in my life, and have played with everything from drawing to printmaking to painting, jewelry-making to steel sculpture. I have always found I'm happier and think more critically and effectively if I'm also creating something. Art actually got me into the world of science and critical thinking at a young age, when art classes at the zoo turned into enrollment in the junior zoologist program.

I stopped creating for a number of years when my job was crazy (or I let it be), and I probably needed to create the most. After a cancer diagnosis and treatment, I realized I very much needed to heal my soul and return to art, and settled on painting as my focus, because I can do it anywhere. Somehow this time I feel I found my voice and a calling to work more intently than before. In truth, I feel I may have several voices as I explore new media and new topics, although there are common threads that weave through all of my work.

I'm a member of Falls Church Arts, Vienna Art Society, and study regularly at the Art League in Alexandria, Virginia. When offered, I also study online with contemporary portrait artist Jennifer Balkan of Atelier Dojo in Austin Texas.

When not painting, I teach yoga, sail, and keep my toes in the waters of the professional world by occasionally consulting as an environmental planner.

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About the Artist